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IB Programme Junior Magnet Application Class of 2022 (Entering 11th Grade)

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My child’s transcript and records may be used for screening for admission to the HHMS Pre-Diploma Programme. My child is seriously interested in enrolling in the HHMS Pre-Diploma Programme, and if selected, I approve of and will support his/her enrollment in the program. My child and I understand and accept the Program’s rigorous requirements. We also understand that there are required summer reading and writing assignments, which is a vital component of the program, and that failure to fulfill this requirement will cause a grading penalty.
We further commit to attendance at the appropriate student and parent meetings so that we will clearly understand the benefits and requirements of the IB Programme. Most importantly, I will adhere to the HHMS Academic Honesty Policy.

Date: Apr 03, 2020
Date: Apr 03, 2020

It is the policy of the Hammond High Magnet School International Baccalaureate Programme not to discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, disability or any other legally protected status in its educational programs, activities or employment practices.

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